NAV-Magento 2 Multiple Connection



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This section of the document will given you an overview of NAV- Magento2 Mutliple Connection Integration and the subsequent chapters will drive you to the process of integration between the applications.

The basic pre-requisite and list of Master Data Processess for Integration is given below:

Prerequisites of Integration

  1. Login to the APPSeCONNECT Portal and select the app MAGENTO (with mutiple webstore) and NAV 2017.
  2. Navigate to the connections module and create a connection for both the selected applications.
  3. Now navigate to the Workflow module, you can either create a workflow or can choose a pre-packaged workflow.
  4. Before Integrating with Dynamics NAV and Magento2, all the master data needs to be synced. Master Data Sync is used for synchronizing set of core information (viz. Websites, Product Category, Attribute set, and Tax Class etc.) from E-commerce database to SAP B1.

List of Master Data Processes

a. Master Data Add [Attribute Sets/Attributes/Attribute Options]: - All the information about the Attribute Sets, Attributes and Attribute Options in Magento (multi webstore) will be synced into NAV.
c. Master Data Add [Website List]: - All the information about the Magento websites will be synced into NAV.
d. Master Data Add [Category]: - All the information about the Magento Category will be synced into NAV.
e. Master Data Add [Tax Class]: - All the information about the Magento Product Tax Class will be synced into NAV.

Once all the core information is synced, you can proceed with further integrations.

You will also get detailed understanding of the NAV & Magento2 application agent configuration, endpoints, attibutes and actions required for integration.

Table of Integration scenarios for NAV-Magento (Multiple Connection) Application is given below:

Integration Areas Source & Destination Application Dependencies for Integration
Simple Product Add NAV-Magento2 Multi-store Product Response Sync
Inventory Update NAV-Magento2 Multi-store NA
Invoice Add NAV-Magento2 Multi-store Payment with cheque, Payment with Bank Transfer, Payment with Cash
Sales Order Add Magento2 Multi-store - NAV NA
Shipment Add NAV-Magento2 Multi-store NA