APPSeCONNECT 2022 V5.0.3 Hotfix



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Product Release Version : 5.0.3

Automated Pre-Requisite Checks for Agent

Over the years, we have found our users face issues on handling the URL or Port blockage on their machine. We have seen users installing the Agent on their system, but could not use it because either our URLs which needs to be whitelisted are not correctly done, or our agent could not access it. We have identified this as an usability issue and we have adjusted our Agent installer to detect and validate each and every pre-requisites such that you as an user can readily get an update about any issues your system or your network getting into, which needs to be fixed.

Our on-premise agent installer, will automatically identify the issues and let you know about it before even installing the component. This is not only valid for fresh installation, but also whenever you upgrade your agent.

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Improve usage of Variables

You know, we have introduced ProcessFlow Variables which are capable of transferring data from one node to another, but you might have noticed, the variable were not actually accessible during Transformation. Rather, I would say, the Variables which we have introduced previously was lacking a feature to be used over mapper node. In this release we have enhanced our solution such that the variables that you create on ProcessFlow could be easily accessed on mapper such that you can propagate the data between nodes.

Variables are temporary storage locations which can be created on any node. For example, you can easily create a variable on your GET node and share the data over all the nodes in the pipeline. As you know variables enhance the way you develop your processflow manifolds, restricting its usage in certain type of nodes are not expected. With the release, we have enhanced the Variable such that you are free to use anywhere on the integration.

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