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Product Release Version: 4.12.0
Release notes were published and last revised on July 2021. Updates in this release include New Feature Development & other APPSeCONNECT Enhancements.

Log in to the portal to access the latest version of Processflow and other updated functionalities etc. Download the updated version of APPSeCONNECT AGENT to implement this updated release. The following section list the updates on APPSeCONNECT, as on July 2021 release.

Highlights of the release features are mentioned below

Release Details

As more and more people are alligned towards our all new ProcessFlow which was released recently, we have added more and more features to our platform to make life of an integration developer easy. In this release, we have improvied some of the pain areas of ProcessFlow, and also addressed an important consideration on notification requirement.

New Features

Notification on any Failure

A complete and detailed Notification on any pitfall on the integration. This feature will ensure a notification could be generated whenever any abnormality happens on your environment such that the problems could be identified quickly and could be resolved immediately. You can read more about it from here.

  • Will help get notification when there is an issue with integration
  • It will identify and detect a problem with Apps.
  • It will identify environmental failures.
  • A detailed notification with custom heads determining the exact problem occurred in the system
  • Depending on network bandwidth, the notification will also be retried again every hour to ensure the notification to reach you.


Detaching environment does not undeploy integrations for Cloud Agent

  • Blocked environments are now automatically undeploying integrations for Cloud Hosted Agent. .

Email sent does not indicate Computer name

  • Added environment name for all communications from Agent, such that you can easily identify the environment which generates the notification. Sometimes it is important to find where exactly the error has happened when the customer is using multiple environments on a project. A computer name in an email will cearly indicate the machine where the error has happened for the customer.

Retry Count is not getting increased

  • Sometimes we have seen the Retry Policies was not working correctly for failed entries in Sync Info. As per our policy the automatic retry will only work for 3 times, this problem has been addressed in this release.

Problem with Licensing where MAC Id was missing

  • Security of Licensing has been improved by encrypted data storage for license keys.User on installing a package, the processflow in it doesnt properly create the node, the node configuration data & mappings even after manually configuring them. We have also considered additional layers to identify a computer by not only by MAC Id but also with additonal parameters.

Portal is slow in response

  • Performance issues of Portal is improved with improved page load time and inreased efficacy.

Variable names can have invalid characters

  • Variable name invalid characters are disallowed in this release. This will ensure the variable names are checked before it is actually been used.

ComplexObject transformation is not correctly generated

  • We have found there is a problem of ComplexObject transformation. This is identified by a customer, and we have fixed it here.

Migration process is not completed correctly for some users -As migration needs to be executed after every upgrade, sometimes if there is a failed migration the agent acted differently than what exepected. With this update, the migration tool takes care of all major issues identified.

Component Versioning Details

Area Component Version
Agent On-Premise 4.12.0
Agent Cloud 4.12.0
Portal WebApp 4.12.0
Portal WebAPI 4.12.0

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