Q1 Release Version 3.8.0



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Product Release Version: 3.8.0
Release notes were published and last revised in April 2018. Updates in this release includes introduction to New features, Portal & Integration, Enhancements, Adapters, Extensions, Agents and Product Documentation.

Log in to portal to access the latest version of of APPSeCONNECT AGENT, PLUGINS, ADAPTERS.

The following section list the updates on APPSeCONNECT, as on April 2018 release.

Highlights of the release features are mentioned below.

New Apps Supported

  • Acumatica
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Micsosoft Dynamics 365 CRM
  • ePages
  • OroCommerce

New Features & Enhancements


New Action Clean-Up on Rules
This will allow you to perform a regular cleanup job on the platform whenever there is a low disk space or there is memory pressure. The cleanup ensures that the application runs smoothly over longer time.


Cloud Execution of Touchpoint from Web
Users can now sync, re-sync, filter, purge, delete, schedule data for touchpoint from the portal, so that all the on-premise activities can be performed for cloud agent with ease.

Smart UI for App Credential You can now design the UI Credential page for application as defined in the adapter. This feature will help an implementer to develop a smart UI such that they can design and deliver the cloud-based credential screen to its customers.

Organization Specific App Credential
This feature will give its users an option to view the Application specific credential data for all cloud-supported apps while designing the Smart UI page.

Migration of Admin APIs to Service fabric.
This feature will help its users to get the benefits service fabric for easy deployment, packaging, upgrading of scalable applications that run on a cluster or shared pool of machines.

Execution Calculator
This feature will allow you to keep track of no. of touchpoint executions in auto mode for a specified interval of time.

Environment Setup for cloud hosted application
This feature will allow its users to create separate cloud environment for projects where cloud hosting is enabled.

Credential Creation for Cloud Hosting Apps in Base
Smart UI Credential designer and creator form is given to users for feeding the credentials of cloud-hosted applications in the base.

Connection Setup feature and activation
This will allow you to have a separate pop up window to choose the credentials that are provided for cloud-hosted apps from the connection page of the organization. To access this feature, cloud environment needs to be activated beforehand. Connection Activation or Deployment in Cloud Agent from Portal.

Smart Credentials UI Designer
This will provide you with controls that are draggable to generate the smart form in WYSIWYG way. Each control has some pre-defined properties that can be set for the design.

Search Criteria in Feeds Page
This feature has been included for Audit Trail so that feeds can be filtered out easily using date and topic filters.

Integration Enhancements

  • LightSpeedPOS-Shopify
  • SAPB1-Magento2B2B
  • SAPB1-BigCommerce
  • SAPB1-OroCommerce
  • SAPB1SL-ePages
  • DynamicsGP-Shopify
  • Acumatica-Shopify
  • Dynamics 365 CRM-WooCommerce

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