Packaging Overview



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Packaging is a concept of zipping up similar ProcessFlows targetting to a specific business problem, so as to enable sharing and distribution making them easily consumable by the end users. The Package in APPSeCONNECT does not only zip the ProcessFlows together but also possess special features like versioning, documentation, rules etc. A package once developed can be shared with other organizations or even shared publicly to APPSeCONNECT marketplace. Once approved, the package can earn by itself as when the same is bought by other users, it will pay the individuals who built it.

How to open Packages

1) Navigate to the Designer > ProcessFlow. The processflow Home page appears.


2) Click on the Package Library folder that gives the summary on Packages. On expanding the Package Library node, you will listed with three sub folders.

  • My Packages - This is the list of your packages or the packages you have created. You can either share your packages to other organizations, or you can publis your packages to APPSeCONNECT marketplace.
  • Shared With Me - This section will list all the packages which are shared with you. You can install packages from the list and use it from the Installed Packages.
  • Marketplace - This is the global and time tested packages that are shared by individuals to APPSeCONNECT marketplace. As there is huge amount of testing involved from the marketplace owner, it is likely to be bug free and can be readily consumed.


Features of Packages

This section lists all the features which you can perform on packages. Please click on relevant links to make land up on the solution.

Modules Description
ProcessFlow Packaging Lets you understand the steps to create & edit packages. You’ll get more details on Package listing and View Packages.
Package Installation & Reinstallation Enables you to view and install/reinstall the incoming packages shared from remote organisations.
Package Sharing Enables you to share the created packages from one organisation to another.
Publishing Packages to Marketplace You can create, edit and share packages to marketplace such that any user can view and install packages in any organisation.

Packages are very convinient way of creating a business process. Hence it is highly encouraged to create a package out of all the ProcessFlows either to keep a backup or reuse your creation efficiently to the external world when requried. We also encourage to keep businss logic whcih are specific to one business out of package scope, such that if you are reusing the same package over and over again, making the common features exposed into the package will ensure you have to work much less than if you put unnecessary components in place.