Packaging Overview



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Zipping up of multiple files in packages makes it easy to reuse and share with different users.

Huge set of files can easily be zipped and packaged for sharing making collaborations easy. processflow is an advanced concept and with its latest packaging technique, you can easily bundle multiple processflows within packages and can share with different organisation users which diminishes the time for creating mapping an identical processflow in a different organisation.

1) Navigate to the Designer > processflow. The processflow listing page appears.


2) Click on the Package Library folder that gives the summary on Packages. On expanding the Package Library node, you will listed with two sub folders.

  • My Packages - This will enable you to create and Share Package to different organisations.
  • Shared With Me - This will enable you to view and install incoming packages from other organisations, shared to you.


For more details on packaging, please visit the below sections:

Modules Description
processflow Packaging Lets you understand the steps to create & edit packages. You’ll get more details on Package listing and View Packages
Package Sharing Enables you to share the created packages from one organisation to another.
Package Installation & Reinstallation Enables you to view and install/Reinstall the incoming packages shared from remote organisations.