2021-Q1 Version 1.0 Hotfix Release Note



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This document highlights the details of hotfix(s) done for the 2021 Q1 Release. This hotfix release introduces few improvements and bug fixes which we will look at.

Hotfix Release Details

We have introduced our APPSeCONNECT 2021-22 Q1 release which features an extensive update to its features. This Hotfix Release (Q1 2021 V1) Note lists the user with the issues and resolutions of the updates made in last release and also gives some insights on some of the production bugs that we have addressed too.


  • Improvement - We have felt that the previous action filter screen was not giving us best user experience and hence in this release, we have revamped the action filter page inside ProcessFlow to a new and improved UI. Refer to the link.
  • Improvement - The ProcessFlows were supporting Runtime filters. With this release, we are adding support for Copied ProcessFlows to be executed using Runtime Filters as well.

  • Issue - Variable Edit is not getting reflected inside transformation
    Resolution - We have fixed this issue and now the variable edits will be automatically refreshed in the transformation.

  • Issue - User was able to execute Runtime filter without providing criteria as a result of which large amount of data may be fetched accidentally
    Resolution - We have added a validation to the Runtime filter such that it does not execute with empty filters. At least one criteria with Key-value pair is required to execute the runtime filter which fixes the performance impact.

  • Issue - Credential in Application configuration was not mandatory causing issue during deployment
    Resolution - The node configuration will never work without credentials in place. We have fixed this issue and now credential is mandatory in application configuration.

  • Issue - When user creates a variable with a root loop and without providing XPath, transformation was not getting executed as per the design
    Resolution - We have added a validation while creating the variable such that XPath remains mandatory when “Use as Root loop” is selected.


  • Improvements - The new snapshots generated through the platform will now have an icon to identify whether the snapshot is generated for Resync / Runtime execution. This will allow the user to identify and pick proper snapshot to look at. Refer to this link
  • Improvements - We have added a link between our Sync Info and Snapshots which will filter out all the snapshots related to a particular record. This will give the users an entire history of snapshots created for a specific data. Refer to this link


  • Improvements - Now feeds will capture all the activities when a ProcessFlow is executed using Runtime filter. This will help the users to keep a track of runtime executions.

  • Issue - In some scenarios after Lookup import the lookup type was not populating, as a result those data with blank lookup type was not considered during transformation
    Resolution - The issue is fixed in this release.

Other Area

  • Improvements - We have introduced the new chat functionality in our portal which will ensure better customer engagement. The chat window will be available on the bottom right corner of the screen and is much improved than our last option. Refer to this link.

Component Versioning Details

Area Component Version
Agent On-Premise
Portal Cloud
API Cloud

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