2020-Q2 Version 1.0 Hotfix Release Note



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This document highlights the details of hotfix(s) done for the 2020 Q2 Release. This hotfix release introduces few minor improvements and bug fixes.

Hotfix Release Details

We have introduced our APPSeCONNECT 2020-21 Q2 release which features an extensive update to its features. This Hotfix Release Note lists you with the issues and resolutions of the updates.


  • Issue - The tree structure of the schema on mapper node does not expands on clicking the + icon.

Resolution: Users working on the Mapper node of Process flow should be able to expand the schema node in the tree structure, on clicking the expand + icon.


  • Issue - User cannot login into the Agent, No error is displayed in the Agent Login section and gives blank Response.

Resolution: User should be able to login to the On-Premise agent successfully with the correct credentials without malfunctioning.

  • Issue - Connection URL in Realtime Touchpoint gives error “Object Reference note set” on execution.

Resolution: Users should be able to connect to the APPSeCONNECT API successfully when the connection URL is copied and pasted in POSTMAN. On providing the Response type as POST, POSTMAN should return the message Acknowledged from APPSeCONNECT.

  • Issue: XSLT error is displayed while deploying Process Flow in the corresponding environment.

Resolution: Users working on Process Flow should not face any error while deploying for the process flows that gets executed successfully. Also, to ensure that on having an error while deployment, process flow should not successfully execute and shall return proper errors in the Snapshot.

  • Issue: User is unable to un-assign previously assigned credential after assigning a new application credential to an existing connection also the previous credential is displayed as checked.

Resolution: Only the latest credential that has been assigned by the user to the connection should be displayed as checked when confirming the same from the Connections page of the On-Premise Agent.


  • Issue: On performing Manual Resync for multiple failed data using touchpoint, status is displayed as “Success” even though the data is not synced successfully to the destination application when executed through OP Agent.

Resolution: Users after performing manual sync will get the correct status based on the resync execution. Data successfully synced to Destination App should display “Success”, on failing should display “Failed”.

  • Issue: Workflow failed entries are not getting auto-retried as per the defined Retry schedule.

Resolution: User should be able to perform the auto-retry of the failed entries as per the schedule provided for the execution in the workflow.

  • Issue: After successful deployment, the XSLT is not updated, and execution displays error in the Mapper Node when executed both in OP/Hosted Agent.

Resolution: The XSLT should be properly downloaded after the deploying Process Flow in the OP/Hosted Environment. On redeploying the process flow, the XSLT should be updated properly. The users should be able to sync data successfully from source to destination application executed as per the environment deployed.

  • Issue: “One or more error occurred” is shown, instead of the Error details in the Snapshot for the adapter version of Magento 2.

Resolution: Users should be able to view proper errors details in the snapshot for every GET/POST workflow execution using the Magento2 Adapter. Also, the log bucket should not display duplicate error logs in snapshot for a single execution of the workflow. The fix is resolved in the adapter version

Component Versioning Details

Area Component Version
Portal Web App
Agent On-Premise

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