Default Rule for Morning Report



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Requirement of the Rule

APPSeCONNECT Morning Report updates the users about the data synchronization status for each connection, on daily basis. The main utility for this report is:

  1. The feature has been implemented in APPSeCONNECT Rule engine, so that rule gets triggered on default scheduled time for all organization users. (00:00 hrs Local Time for OP Agent and UTC Time for Cloud Agent users)
  2. The report will have the following columns that will display the following details :
Column Name Utlity Description
Success count Will indicate the no. of items that got success in the last 24 hours
Successful Retries count Will indicate data that got success after resyncing the data which are older than 24 hours
Failure Count Will indicate the no. of items that fetched error or was failed during the sync process in the last 24 hours.


  • The organization must be in Go-LIVE status to receive the morning report.
  • Organization admin and all the associated users of the organization will receive the mail.
  • Default Rule for Morning Report will get auto-activated for cloud agent users without deploying/updating configuration.
  • For OP Agent, the default Rule for Morning Report will get auto-activated for new organization users, after activating and logging in to their Agent.
  • Existing Organisations with OP Agent environment, needs to the update/deploy the configurations for activating the rule.