Overview of ProcessFlow



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APPSeCONNECT processflows suite features an extensive interface that provide the ability to easily create digital maps to make out robust processflows. The drag-and-drop interface is easy to use by any citizen integrator. With the aid of processflow feature, users can now graphically organize, create and view the data flow of a process thereby enabling customers to design integration anytime and anywhere with the help of our cloud portal. Thus, processflow supports tailored business rules, email templates, automation flows and monitoring process. You can now build and deploy processflows, from simple to sophisticated, through a modern, native-cloud platform. Let us look at its benefits.

Benefits of using Processflows


  • Provide expertise and team collaboration to sell more effectively.
  • Enables quick decision making & learn from inefficiencies.
  • Eliminates manual work & reduces human error.


  • Build customized business-related flows and templates to use it across departments for best practices.
  • Zero coding experience needed, build and share complex flows using visual designer.


  • Processflow lets end users and admins model and maintain business processes using a visual graphical tool without coding.
  • It encapsulates complex and multistep flows to automate and streamline business processes.

Navigate to the Designer > ProcessFlow, the processflow Home page appears. The list of the folders in the listing page would available on the left panel of the page. By default, an organisation would have the following folders created ProcessFlow , Installed ProcessFlow , Package Library , Trash Folder.

To know more about the functionalities of the processflow Home page, Click Here.


Processflow Modules

Modules Description
Architecture This section of the documentation will guide the user about the working logic of ProcessFlow.
Terminology This will enable you to know about various terms that you will come across while using ProcessFlows.
Components of ProccesFlow This section enables you to know about various sections of ProcessFlow Designer page.
QuickStart This section enables the user to know about the operations of create, copy and delete ProcessFlow.
Nodes and Links This section will allow to know various types of nodes and links used in ProcessFlow.
Working with Variables This section provides you the way to use variables in ProcessFlow.