APPSeCONNECT 2022 v5.0.1 Hotfix



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Product Release Version : 5.0.1

Self - Acknowlegement for Triggered ProcessFlow

Triggered processflow allows the users to call it through a WebHook. When a WebHook is configured with an URL which points to a ProcessFlow, any data change on the application itself which triggers the event will automatically call the webhook for processing. The WebHook will ensure that the data which is changed on the application gets directly transported to the ProcessFlow such that it can be processed and synched to the destination application.

As it works on Request/Response structure on HTTP, we cannot wait for the response from ProcessFlow. Sometimes, waiting the Web request for processing the ProcessFlow can lead to timeouts. With this release, we have identified the issue and added a feature which will immediately Acknowledge the request made to the ProcessFlow. That means the ProcessFlow will immediately respond to the Request made to it, and process the request on background.

Bulk update for Sync Info for On-Prem Agent

We know there were huge latency on opening the Sync Info on our Cloud Portal. If there is huge data created on an On-Premise Agent, the request to upload that data to our server might require some time. We have identified the issue and created a background job to upload these data to our server, such that to open the Sync Info window will not take much time and data could be retrieved quickly.