Add Shipment NAV-Mage2 MultiConnection



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Executing the Process is a vital part when integrating any applications. This Document will let the users to understand how the integration process can be executed through workflow for adding Shipment for the orders from Ms Dynamics NAV to Magento2 (Multi-store).

Brief Description

In this case, the shipments of the orders placed are added to Magento 2 by syncing the workflow for Shipment Add. The above workflow is designed to GET shipments from MS Dynamics NAV and POST it to Magento 2.

Note: Before adding Shipments, make sure Sales Orders are created for whose shipment is to be done

Steps to create Shipments in MS Dynamics NAV are given below:

  1. Login to NAV with valid credentials.
  2. Open the Sales Order and click on Post. The following three options are visible in the dialog box- Ship, Invoice,and Ship & Invoice. nav-magemulti-shipment1
  3. Click on the option Ship and Invoice to generate shipment and invoice together else you can click on each of them respectively.
  4. Click on the Shipments button, the window for Shipments, opens.
  5. Click on the Posted Sales Shipment items. nav-magemulti-shipment2
  6. Provide the Tracking ID to complete the shipment process. nav-magemulti-shipment3

LookUp Mapping

No Lookup Mapping is required for adding shipments to Magento2.

Attribute Mapping/Transformation

Following the Provided Mapping, the user can sync Shipments from Ms Dynamics NAV to Magento2. To know more, see Mapping & Transformation Techniques.

Mapping for the Transformation for ‘Shipment Add Touchpoint’


Action Filters

Add a node to the given pre-packaged order of the Action filter with two subnodes Field and Criteria. View the image below to define the Action Filters. nav-magemulti-shipment5 nav-magemulti-shipment6

Executing the Workflow Integration

Note: Before Integrating with Magento2 (multi-connection) and MS Dynamics NAV, make sure all the Master Data Touchpoints are synced.

  1. Once the workflow is designed, Update the Configuration in agent for deploying the workflow in the agent.
  2. Navigate to the Workflow Panel in the agent and click on the Start Sync Button for executing the Process.
  3. Once the Execution is finished, click Resync Button in the agent.
  4. The Resync Panel show the Success Result in the agent. nav-magemulti-shipment7

Integration Data Survey

The user can survey the data by viewing the Processed Snapshot from the node level of the workflow. This Snapshot View displays the successful execution of the workflow. nav-magemulti-shipment8

Post Conditions

The user can view the shipment synced in magento2 (multistore) as per the choosen connection. nav-magemulti-shipment9 On clicking the view button, the user can view the complete shipment details of the order. nav-magemulti-shipment10

Frequency of use

The user can execute the Integration through workflow as and when required.