Overview of ProcessFlow



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APPSeCONNECT Process Flows suite features an extensive interface that provide the ability to easily create digital maps to make out robust process flows. The drag-and-drop interface is easy to use by any citizen integrator. With the aid of Process Flow feature, users can now graphically organize, create and view the data flow of a process thereby enabling customers to design integration anytime and anywhere with the help of our cloud portal. Thus, Process Flow supports tailored business rules, email templates, automation flows and monitoring process. You can now build and deploy Process Flows, from simple to sophisticated, through a modern, native-cloud platform.

Benefits of using Process Flows


  • Provide expertise and team collaboration to sell more effectively.
  • Enables quick decision making & Learn from inefficiencies
  • Eliminates Manual work & reduces human error


  • Build customized business-related flows and templates to use it across departments for best practices.
  • Zero coding experience needed; build and share complex flows using visual designer


  • Process Flow lets end users and admins model and maintain business processes using a visual graphical tool without coding.
  • It encapsulates complex and multistep flows to automate and streamline business processes.

Process Flow modules

Modules Description
Process Flow Listing Page This the default landing page of the Process Flow Module. Users can add and view the Process Flow folders and all the created Process Flows
Process Flow Designer Page This page will let the users, create new process flows for their business processes
Creating Process Flow This section of the documentation will guide the user with the process of Creating & Saving new process flows
Deploying and Excecuting Process Flow This section enables the user to deploy the new or saved process flow to the environment in order to execute the integration process
Undeploying Process Flow This section enables the user to undeploy a deployed process from the environment
Redeploying Process Flow Redeploying processflow functionality allows you to re-deploy an existing Process Flows (deployed/deployed and executed) to the same environment in order to make any changes and execute the integration process
Snapshot Process Flow This section of the documentation will guide the user about viewing snapshot of the created processflow
Export & Import Lookup Repositories in APPSeCONNECT has been implemented with the feature of Import & Export of Reference tables that reduces the manual work of the table creation
Implemeting Lookup in Mapping Once the Collection and the Reference tables are created, users can implement those lookups in the attribute mapping for the sync process
Creating Lookup Repository Master Data Repositories in APPSeCONNECT provides the user to create and manage Lookup types in form of tables for the organisation
Mapper Node Process flow designer inteface gives you the space to design your business flow and do the node configurations of the applications and trasformation activities all in one go