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Product Release Version: 4.8.0
Release notes were published and last revised in October 2020. Updates in this release include New Feature Development & Enhancements, UI Enhancements, Integration Enhancements & Adapters Enhancements.

This release also presents the revamped menu of the portal for better user experience & navigation, thereby enabling the ease of integration via Portal.

Log in to the portal to access the latest version of Processflow, Enhanced Environment, etc. along with the newly introduced Processflow and download the updated version of APPSeCONNECT AGENT. The following section list the updates on APPSeCONNECT, as on October 2020 release.

Highlights of the release features are mentioned below


We Introduced APPSeCONNECT Processflow suite (Beta Version Release) in our 2020 Q1 release and successively added more features in Q2 and Q3. Our Processflow suite features an extensive interface to create robust Processflows catering to your business requirements.

We upscaled the Processflow for the users in this release and added noteworthy features which includes, Package Creation Package Sharing & Installation, Delay Node, Enhanced Environment Management and many more.

These features helps you to plug and play with data for seamless integration using process flow.

New Features

Self-loop to Iterate a Node
You have the flexibility to use self-loop in a node to iterate as per configuration

  • To execute the node multiple times. ​
  • To Trigger individual node execution for quick processing.​
  • Self-loop could be based on time / no. of iteration / no. of data available.

Delay Node to rate limit the data flow
You can now use delay node in a Processflow

  • To delay the execution process by setting - Static time or Dynamic time.
  • To delay using Static time, you need to set the static amount of time.
  • To delay using Dynamic time, you need to set the waiting time with output of a generic function.

Easy Creation & Managing Technology App
You can Manage technology app (REST) from the designer section of the Processflow.

  • To easily create technology app from the designer section.
  • To configure the technology app from the designer section.
  • To edit the technology app per requirement.

Capturing Variables for Better Control on Process Flow
You can now create Variables for storing data within a Processflow designed for your organisation and this helps you

  • To Capture & Store intermediate values within a process flow. 
  • To use the stored data in filters
  • Variables could be persistent or not based on requirement.​

Revamped Merger Node for Managing Multiple Records
You can now manage bundle of records in order

  • To merge defined number of records
  • To reduce number of hits into successive nodes.

Managing Schema & Actions from Designer

You can configure & manage application master in order

  • To create & modify schemas, entity, actions & filters
  • To import schema from various data sources.
  • To Support attribute scope both global as well as local.​
  • To manage hierarchial listing of schema & attributes

Linking & Reordering for Managing Multiple Execution
You can now manage multiple execution of Processflows and this enables you

  • To easily manage linking nodes through drag drop
  • To manage the sequence without unlinking the nodes.
  • To Reorder the Execution order.​


Workflow Execution with Cloud App Resource Function

  • Workflow snapshot displaying failed Transformation logs, while mapped with Cloud App Resource Function.

With this release users will able to design the Cloud App Resource function enabled workflow, and can sync data from source app to destination app succesfully.

Workflow Snapshot File Tab

  • Workflow snapshot generation with huge data was happening, however File tab was unresponsive.

With this release users will be able to undergo huge data sync and file tab responds correctly.


New features

Systematic Tracking & Managing Deployment
APPSeCONNECT can now intelligently track the deployment & Undeployment of the Processflow in order

  • To Re-deploy failed data automatically or manually.
  • To display deployment status in Environment section.
  • To Completely track through logs for every deployment​.

Scheduling of Processflow​
You can now able

  • To Configure ProcessFlow specific scheduling. ​
  • To Configure ProcessFlow specific failed data auto-fix scheduling.


Agent Date timestamp Display


  • OLEDB Plugins supported sync, was not displaying Date timestamp in the agent interface.

With this release user can view the Date timestamp for OLEDB Plugins supported sync.


New Feature

Easy Environment Management for deployments & settings

You will now get more flexibilty in environment management in order

  • To get the segregated view of Hosted & On Premise Agent
  • To easily carry on with Deployment, Redeployment & SnapshotView of executions
  • To effectively manage Retrying Error Data

Copy ProcessFlow
You will now get the option to

  • To Copy an existing ProcessFlow.​
  • To Deploy the copied ProcessFlow into another environment

Robust Package Creation for distributing bundled Processflows
You can now create robust packages of Processflows which helps you

  • To bundle multiple Processflows in a folder.
  • To arrange and create packages in a listing view for easy usability.
  • To view & edit the created packages easily in your organization.

Multiple Oganization Level Package Sharing & Installation
You now get the flexibilty of package sharing across organizations which enables you

  • To reuse the existing packages across organization.
  • To extract & easy installation of the shared packages.
  • To reinstall the package in the same organization. 


New Integrations

Given below are the integration areas for business process automation.

Magento 2.0 B2B to Sage 300
This feature syncs data from Magento 2.0 B2B to Sage 300 and vice versa so that sync requirements between the applications are met.

Here the following components will be synced successfully from Magento 2 B2B to Sage 300 with all details.

  • Company Add
  • Contact Person Add

Sage 300 to Shopify B2C
This feature syncs data from Sage 300 to Shopify B2C and vice versa so that sync requirements between the applications are met.

Here the following components will be synced successfully from Shopify to Sage 300 with all details.

  • Simple Products Add


These are the Adapters details which has been enhanced in this release

Enhanced SAP Business One S/L

Enhanced version of SAP Business One S/L Adapter presents you the following features

  • Allowing Users to Set Custom API Call limits
  • Default Custom limit is configured to 20.

Enhanced Magento 2.0 Adapter
Enhanced version of Magento 2 Adapter is enabled with the fix given below


  • Magento adapter resync issue for shipments occuring, as resync api for Magneto is different from others api & filters.

With this release, Users can implement custom filters during integration, where Magento2 is the source application.


  • In Magento 2, If Upload URL mapping is not defined, error is displayed During Push operation to Magento as “Reference to an object not set to an object instance”.

With this release, users will be able to view the error details clearly as ErrorLog(logger,”Upload URL is not defined in Mapping section. Can not be pushed to Magento2”, “Please define UploadURL from the attribte mapping to resolve the error”);

Enhanced Generic Rest Adapter
Enhanced version of Generic Rest adapter presents you the following features

Custom browsing Support for Token Generation - Generic Rest adapter latest version supports Custom browsing thereby enabling OAuth 2.0 Token Generation.


  • REST Adapter Destination App after sync for Status code 204, was displaying unprocessed status in Resync bucket.

With this release, resync bucket will now return the success message for the Status Code 204 for Rest based application.

Enhanced Shopify Adapter
The enhanced version of Shopify adapter will provide you the following feature

Improved Output Packet Generation - Shopify Adapter will create Output Packet irrespective of Primary Key configuration in Source Application.

Enhanced ZohoBook Adapter
The enhanced version of ZohoBook adapter will provide you the following feature

  • OAuth 2.0 Support for On-Premise - Users will now get Oauth 2.0 authentication process when validating with ZohoBook.
  • Custom Browser Support for Token Generation- ZohoBook latest version supports custom browsing thereby enabling OAuth 2.0 Token Generation.


Nav Extension

  • During import of the items in NAV into AEC tables, the data is getting created in the table but it is also creating one blank line in the web item details table.

With this release, the 0 value line is removed and, all the data gets populated.

Component Versioning Details

Area Component Version
Agent On-Premise
Adapter SAP Business One S/L
Adapter Magento2
Adapter Rest Adapter
Adapter Shopify
Adapter ZohoBooks
Portal WebApp 4.8.0
Portal WebAPI 4.8.0

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