Q2 Release Version 2.3.0



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Product Release Version: 2.3.0

This release mainly focusses on providing a number of new features which our users thought to be useful and also takes care of your incoming feedbacks on the product. We are very thankful for your feedback on the previous releases and would also encourage to give further feedback on our product cycle roadmaps.

Lets take a quick pick on some of the cool features which we introduced during the period:

Agent/APPSeCONNECT Sync tool

  • Improved logs on process execution. With this release, we give you option to filter, search and sort Logs through our APPSeCONNECT UI such that you can easily find your desired problem. Improved user experience and better navigation on the UI is additional enhancement. For details, refer log enhancement in agent.
  • Email notification option in agent which will give you detailed report every day through APPSeCONNECT. The report will give you detailed insights on what we synced throughout the day and also give notification about the problems we faced which might need your support to fix data.
  • Scheduling option to define recurrance of touchpoint execution. Even though the default schedule is always 5 minutes interval, the current Agent will allow you to set schedule of your touch point at your own scheduled interval and also allow you to define the start and end. Once the tasks are scheduled, it will maintain the rule you have set for that task and invoke the process accordingly.
  • Protection of on-premise data to cloud. As we give you hybrid solution to connect between your apps, it is our rule to keep all your transnational data in your own premises only.
    But we also want to give you option to protect yourself from your system failures.
    For instance, say you have hardware failure in your server or you have corrupted your installation. With the new release, you will be protected with this failures.
    We will occasionally keep APPSeCONNECT data in cloud such that when you have failure or have changed your server, you can get the transactional data quickly and easily.
  • It follows the standard windows storage techniques. We already know that we save everything in Program files from our inception, but we believe the best process to store data is just following Microsoft’s protocol. In this version we moved the transnational as well as the master data in folders defined appropriate to the Windows standards. This will ensure you to work with APPSeCONNECT without giving additional privileges to the executable. We also improved the way we store data moving some part of our transnational data in database while keeping others in flat files.
  • We also improved the compatibility checks on how your project is deployed in agents you install. We will give you the correct compatible adapters always from our cloud such that you never fall into incompatible adapters at any point of time.
  • Full support for all HTTP Verbs. For real time touch points, we now support REST protocol and added full support to all HTTP verbs and you can use them configured from the apps it integrates.

Furthermore, we also enhanced the change notifications we give to your premises with additional bug fixes.


  • Organization specific touchpoints. As an APPSeCONNECT implementer, you are provided with an option to create touchpoints specific to a particular organization. Some of our APPSeCONNECT users wanted to sync data which are not commonly required by others. APPSeCONNECT now supports additional touchpoints specific to an organization with their own entities and even their own workflows.
  • Support for Organization specific entities. As an administrator for APPSeCONNECT you might have already used our preferred feature to create Organization specific touchpoints. This feature is further enhanced to ensure local variables are also organization specific and no variable which is used for an organization will be reflected in our templates.
  • Allowing Value Mapping in base templates. It is a recurring task for an implementer to add value mapping to all the processes that a customer needs. But some of the value mapping are so common that every user add them to use our product. We identified the problem and provided you an option to set default value mapping in base such that when the Connection is created, the Value mapping will automatically be copied to the Touchpoints.
  • Support for multiple duplicate check condition. Duplicate check on Touchpoint logic ensures the touchpoint to execute some methods which identifies whether the selected data is already present on the destination application. Even though you could have selected a method and put all the logic to determine the distinct data through duplicate check filters before, but now we provide you an option to execute multiple conditions on duplicate check through configuration itself.
  • Enhanced publish experience. We consider our publish is slow and we allow users to do redundant script publish even when it is not required. In this release, we have made our publish operation smarter, such that it will only publish a process when it is really required thereby ensuring publish slots are mostly free.
  • Segregation of data for implementer. For an implementer, we no longer show unnecessary projects, we will now filter the organizations which are assigned to an implementer. This will also remove the risk of tampering someone else’s organization.
  • Enhanced filters on projects. We have enhanced our Organization and other related pages to support enhanced search functionalities. You can filter organizations or even sort them and find appropriate projects easily.
  • Support for Workflows in Real-time Touchpoints. For real-time touchpoints, we now support workflow execution. So you can now execute additional tasks while your real-time touchpoint gets executed.
  • Option to customize Workflows for an organization. Workflows are generally defined in base templates and when the process gets executed, the same workflow executes. After getting feedback from you, we have now given option to customize workflow per your own organization such that you can override the base workflow for your own custom one.
  • Support for parameterized method invocation from filters. Implementer It is often required by a developer to pass parameter to a function while calling through Action filters. We have been supporting a function call, but we never thought of giving parameters to the function. With this release, we give you an option to pass any parameter during call to a function.
  • Easy interface for managing user subscription. Extending a subscription or a trial has never been easy before. With this release, we give you a single click subscription extension for quick upgrades.
  • For developers, we have now provided a documented sample with SDK through Nuget Package.


Even though we worked on a lot of APPSeCONNECT features, we have also worked on some major enhancements to the following on integration side.

  • We have added resync support for Amazon, Ebay, Zencart and all other applications we support so that all the integrations can use the feature.
  • Enhanced logging in adapters. With enhanced logging in all the adapters, you can now use the Agent feature and filter logs based on Severity, Time – frame and or priority.
  • Special extension for Zencart. We have developed a new extension for Zencart to support additional APIs. This extension is given free with our integration so that you can enjoy seamless integration between Zencart and other applications.
  • We have enhanced integration touchpoints for the following integrations:

  • Navision ⇔ Shopify
  • Navision ⇔ Prestashop
  • Navision ⇔ Magento
  • SAP B1 DIS ⇔ Amazon
  • SAP B1 DIS ⇔ Zencart
  • SAP B1 DIS ⇔ Amazon
  • SAP B1 DIS ⇔ Zencart
  • SAP B1 DIS ⇔ Prestashop
  • SAP B1 DIS ⇔ Bigcommerce
  • SAP B1 DIS ⇔ Ebay
  • SAP B1 DIS ⇔ Shopify
  • SAP B1 DIS ⇔ Magento