Sales Order Add from Magento 2 to SAGE 300



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Executing the Process is a vital part when integrating any applications. This Document will let the users to understand how the integration process can be executed through workflow for adding Sales Orders from Magento2 to SAGE 300.

Brief Description

A sales cycle is incomplete without placing orders for any products. Sales Orders generated in Magento2 for a customer against a product needs to be transformed to SAGE 300 for keeping well managed records of the sales cycle. Click here to know more about generating Sales Orders in Magento2.


Lookup Mapping:

For integrating, Sales Orders from Magento 2 to Sage 300, you need to add lookups for Frieght & Tax Code.


After placing the lookups for the connections, Publish the Connection, Update Lookup Tables in Agent followed by Update Configuration.

Executing the Integration using Workflow:

  1. Once the workflow is designed, Update the Configuration in agent for deploying the workflow in the agent. Click here to know more about the deploying process of a workflow.

  2. Navigate to the Workflow Panel in the agent and click on the Start Sync Button for executing the Process.

  3. You can also trigger or deploy the workflow from the cloud Portal by clicking on the run button. For more details Click Here.

Integration Data Survey:

You can survey the data by viewing the Processed Snapshot from the node level of the workflow.

Post Conditions:

You can view the data sync in SAGE 300 by navigating to Order Entry > O/E transactions > Order Entry . Search the Order post with the order number, and you ccan view the order details.

Frequency of Use:

The user can execute the Integration through workflow as and when required.



Following the above procedures, you can successfully sync Sales Orders from Magento2 to SAGE 300.