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Product Release Version: 4.13.0
Release notes were published and last revised on October 2021. Updates in this release include New Feature Development & other APPSeCONNECT Enhancements.

Log in to the portal to access the latest version of Processflow and other updated functionalities etc. Download the updated version of APPSeCONNECT AGENT to implement this updated release. The following section list the updates on APPSeCONNECT, as on October 2021 release.

Highlights of the release features are mentioned below

Release Details

As more and more people are alligned towards our all new ProcessFlow which was released recently, we have added more and more features to our platform to make life of an integration developer easy. In this release, we have improvied some of the pain areas of ProcessFlow, and also addressed an important consideration on notification requirement.

New Features

Designer Update for Environment selection

As you know, Processflow designer and deployment sections are in two different menus, and we noticied it is often required to move between them. We have noticied that based on usability, the users can move between these two sections too often. We have already released the option which will let you open the Designer directly from its deployment. In this relase we are adding the dropdown which will list all the environments where the ProcessFlow is deployed to.

  • Will get a list of environments directly from the designer.
  • It will identify whether the ProcessFlow is deployed or not.
  • It will allow you to naviage directly to the environment where the ProcessFlow is installed.

Automatic Mapping Documentation

Once a mapping is configured, it is evident that its logic is embedded inside it. But what if you want to know it? You need to open the mapper for every ProcessFlow and reverse engineer the logic? No, we have this sorted in our new feature “Generate Mapping document”. The mapping document will be directly downloaded from the ProcessFlow which will give you all the details about the mapping done in the ProcessFlows.

  • The Mapping document will be comprehensive including all the mapping done inside the Processflow.
  • The document will indicate each of the nodes based on the node description.
  • There will be a separate summary which will indicate the Source and Destination details.
  • The document is in Excel format.


Sync info Improvement

  • The sync info was unable to track all the data maintained between nodes. If same data is sent through multiple pipeline, only one instance of data will be present.
  • This enhancement will list all the data synched through the ProcessFlow ensuring individual statuses could be maintained.

Delete environment Confirmation

  • If you accidentally click on the delete, the environment would have been deleted. We have given a confirmation box in between the delete environment and actual deletion, this will give you a second chance to choose whether you are sure to delete or not.

Blank Daily report

  • We have identified a bug, which could send you daily emails even though there is no data synced for a particular date. We have removed this, such that you would always get emails with proper data.

Component Versioning Details

Area Component Version
Agent On-Premise 4.13.0
Agent Cloud 4.13.0
Portal WebApp 4.13.0
Portal WebAPI 4.13.0

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