Quickstart to Designing processflow



2 minute read

Processflows are the diagrammatic representation of a business process. As an organization, you can have a number of business processes which you need to perform your daily activities. The processflow Listing page will allow you to search, filter, create, edit processflows.

By reading this document an implementer would be able to design the first processflow for an organization and will execute it from the web portal also.

To know in details, go through the given sections:

Processflow Usage Description
Designer This section enables the user to implement business scenarios by designing processflows
Create Processflow This section of the documentation will guide the user with the process of Creating & Saving new processflows
Managing Schemas and Attributes This document will help you to select and create the schemas/entities of your application. This will also let you help on importing schemas from files.
Managing Actions, Action Filter and Retry Filters This document will help you to manage and create actions, action filters, retry filters. Also, you will now have the option to create filters as template for reuse.
Capture Variables This document will help you create and implement Store/Capture variables that will store values which can be used while implementing Action Filters.
Creating Technology Apps in processflow This document will help you to create Technology application with a processflow. You can anytime choose your created technology application from the My Apps section for implementing it on your processflow.
Nodes & Links This section will provide you the details of using various nodes that you can apply within your processflows. Having these nodes on your processflow will help you cater the integration process of your unique business process.
Link Order Sequence This feature of processflow will help you to sequence the execution flow irrespective of the designed formed. You can anytime alter the execution flow using Link Order Sequencing.
Copy ProcessFlows This will enable you to copy your designed processflows for creating and storing a backup file of your configured processflow.
Deploy & Execute Created or Edited processflows needs to be deployed to the environment in order to execute the integration process
Redeploy Redeploying processflow functionality allows you to re-deploy an existing processflows
Snapshot view Snapshot in processflow gives complete overview of the transactions that was executed
Retry processflow This document will help you with the details of configuring the RESYNC feature of APPSeCONNECT which helps to perform Retries for failed data.
Processflow Packaging This will enable you to create, install and Reinstall packages containing processflows. You can share your created packages to other organisation when required also you will be able to install incoming packages shared to you.