Quickstart guides to create ProcessFlow



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Processflows are the diagrammatic representation of a business process. As an organization, you can have a number of business processes which you need to perform your daily activities. The workflow management screen will allow you to search, filter, create, edit workflows.

By reading this document an implementer would be able to design the first processslow for an organization and will execute it from the web portal also.

To know in details, go through the given sections:

Processflow Usage Description
Designer This section enables the user to implement business scenarios by designing Process Flows
Create Processflow This section of the documentation will guide the user with the process of Creating & Saving new process flows
Deploy & Execute Created or Edited Process Flows needs to be deployed to the environment in order to execute the integration process
Redeploy Redeploying processflow functionality allows you to re-deploy an existing Process Flows
Snapshot view Snapshot in Process Flow gives complete overview of the transactions that was executed