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Product Release Version: 3.3.0

APPSeCONNECT focusses on delivering more and more flexibility, power and ease to its users. We try to make our product more and more powerful and easier to use.

We are one of the best integration platform in the market which delivers ready-made end to end business integration. We have improved the way our external developers, integration partners or even end customer work in the platform. With the latest enhancements, we have changed our platform way ahead providing our implementers a way to visualize the entire business at a go. We are really happy to announce some of the latest enhancements that we have made in this release.

The platform is totally revamped with new look and feel with more enhanced look and feel, enhanced color schemes etc.

Whats new for Administration

If you are an ISV or implementation partner, this release has a lot of things to offer for you.

  • We have introduced Workflows, and this provides graphical view of your entire business and you can tweak / customize it very easily.
  • Workflow now supports loops and powerful tooling to orchestrate the data flow from one application to another.
  • You can split or merge data depending on the requirements of the application and to harness the power of integration.
  • Chaining is yet supported, we are also free to separately create both parallel or sequential dependencies through workflows.
  • New workflow can also engage touchpoints of different connections and hence enhances the reusability of the data and minimizing network usage.
  • Workflow can be scheduled or even can be manually executed in agent and the same can be directly configured from our cloud portal as well.

In spite of several changes made to workflows, we have also included some of the unique functionalities on our admin portal which will help you to easily implement projects. Some of them includes:

  • Enhanced Organization dashboard.
  • Option to add application and / or connection from admin.
  • Option to change connection details, protocols etc.
  • Defining workflow from dashboard.
  • Enhanced Value mapping screens for admin.
  • New action page with enhanced user experience.

Whats new in Agent

  • To enhance the way our Agent talks to the applications, we made subtle changes to the tool such that it can execute huge volume of data in a loop.
  • We have separated the activity execution for each touchpoint, such that they can execute in parallel, and hence deliver better throughput.
  • We are constantly improving the way agent executes workflows. Initially, we have been executing individual touchpoints, then we introduced dependencies and now we come with Workflows.
  • As an integration developer, you are now flexible to define your own workflow without any restriction and our agent tool can handle it properly.

What’s new in Cloud

  • In APPSeCONNECT Cloud platform, we enhanced the look and feel with enhanced dashboard and other layout changes.
  • As per requested by most of the user, we now support multiple versions of same application. That means, you can now, for instance, configure both Magento 1.x series and Magento 2 series in the same organization.


On integration side, we have added extended support for our new Generic NAV Extension. We improved the extension with new Remastered edition.

Here are some of the integrations we have worked on: We have introduced NAV and Magento Integration using Generic Extension

  • Item Sync
  • Customer Sync
  • Product Sync
  • Order Sync
  • Websites download
  • Customer Group
  • Shipment
  • Invoice
  • Included integration of NAV Generic Extension with BigCommerce.

Our ISVs have also included new integration of Dynamics CRM which includes adapter development and connector development on our platform. Some of the integrations created by our ISV partners are:

  • Dynamics CRM with WooCommerce integration
  • Dynamics CRM with BigCommerce integration
  • Dynamics CRM with Shopify integration


Being an early adopter of Magento 2 we wanted to give all the functionalities that we were offering with Magento 1.0. Hence we enhanced our APIs and Business to business extension of Magento further to support a number of new features.

Here is a list of all features:

  • Credit Limit Management from Magento 2 Admin portal.
  • Did further enhancement to Sales Representatives Management APIs and screens.
  • We have also modified Category Visibility management screens for B2B.
  • We have added option to Contact Person Role management screens for administrators in B2B section.
  • Other than that, we added Customer specific Tier and Special prices in our module

It is evident if you are an existing user of the product, we are getting more and more mature with new releases.

In the new year release, with a number of new features and new offerings with APPSeCONNECT gives our user an edge to have more user friendly and versatile platform to work with and also gives more power to the end users thereby minimizing the runtime or data related errors during execution.

With more visibility of the configurations in the platform and faster user interfaces, it is most likely that our customer will get better user experiences. As we continue to develop further, we are happy to allow you to use the latest release from today onwards.

As always for any support, please mail us to mail us