License Management



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License key-based authentication approach is security enhancement for your on-premise and cloud integrations. This mechanism authenticates users who tries to login to the integration client of APPSeCONNECT agent using a revocable, secure and unique license or a security token that is provided by the server.

Working Principle for License Management

  • When registered users logs in for the first time, the server verifies the authentication, and generates a licence key based on machine credentials.
  • APPSeCONNECT tags each local system with the licence key such that the same licence key cannot be used from different system.
  • License key will be revocable and traceable, i.e. it can be removed or revoked when the subscription gets expired and renewed further.
  • Each License key is generated considering the Organization ID and MacID which enhances the security of your application preventing unauthorized access.
  • License Key is not dependable on Username and Password as the Auto-Sync services will remain active even if the password is changed. The License key once assigned, cannot be resigned again by changing the Username/Password.
  • The feature Rolling Window will provide Partners and Developers an access to client agent environment. Read to know more about Rolling Window.
  • Multiple OP Agent instances can be set as primary after license key implementation.
  • License Key once generated will stay valid till the time user subscription is valid.
  • Multiple users of the organisation will now be able to login to same as well as different agent environments.
  • A user of an organization will not be able to login to the same environment, if that user is already been linked with any other organization.
  • Every agent associated with an organisation, will have separate license key for each agent instances in each environment.

Note: (a) Agent needs to be dissociated first from the portal, before reassigning the same license key.
(b) APPSeCONNECT License Management is compatible even with older versions of the agent

Usability Aspect of License Management

  • If the user who had access to the license key, leaves the organization. Each connected organisation will have a separate key and it is simpler to track unauthorized connections.

  • License key implementation feature prohibits access to different organization from same environment and this restriction is presently available from Agent 4.4 onwards.

Scenario: If user 1 from organization 1 have already logged in to an Agent environment, user 2 of organization 2 will not be able to log in to the same Agent environment.

  • Whenever a different organization user tries to login to same machine, they will get the following message:


  • On-behalf login for client by the superuser will be stopped in OP Agent.

NOTE: No implementer/partner/developer will be able to login separately for an organization which was available for all earlier Agent versions of 4.3 and lower.However, the above Implementer/Developers can login using Temporary license key to access other organisation environments.