Updating Inventory in Priority



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Prerequisites for Updating Inventory

  1. Need to have a valid Priority Account.
  2. Need to have the product registered before updating the inventory.

Steps to update inventory in priority

  1. Login to the Priority Portal with valid credentials.
  2. Navigate to the menu and click on the Inventory button. UpdateInventory-Priority1
  3. Navigate to Warehouse Control>Inventory Count>Inventory Count.
  4. The Inventory Count Window appears, input the Part Number of the product for which the inventory is to be updated. UpdateInventory-Priority3
  5. Input the Quantity of the Product in the column Counted Quantity. UpdateInventory-Priority4
  6. Once Updated, Enable the Approved checkbox to reflect the changes in the item. Close the Inventory Count Window after it is enabled. UpdateInventory-Priority5

NOTE: For any ERP, Inventory Update can be done from Sales Order & Purchase Order (e.g. Good Receiving Voucher)