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This section of the document will given you an overview of SAGE 300 - Shopify Integration and the subsequent chapters will drive you to the process of integration between the applications.

The basic pre-requisite for Integration is given below:

• You need to have valid credentials of APPSeCONNECT.

• You need to choose the application from the Choose App list

• You need to design or Choose the workflow before integrating SAGE 300 & Shopify.

• You need publish and deploy the workflow prior to the integration.

• You need to validate the adapters for SAGE300 & Shopify in the On-Premise Agent.

Table of Integration scenarios for SAGE300-Magento2 Application is given below:

Integration Areas Source & Destination Application Dependencies for Integration
Customer Add Shopify-SAGE300 Address Add (Only for B2C Customers)
I/C Product Add SAGE300-Shopify Product Add Sync Back
I/C Inventory Add SAGE300-Shopify Inventory Update Sync Back
Sales Order Add Shopify-SAGE300 NA
Shipment Add SAGE300-Shopify ShipmentResponse Sync Back

Following the above list, you can successfully integrate each entity of the Sales Cycle for SAGE300 & Shopify.