Filter Request by IP policy



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The IP Restrict Policy is used to restrict the access of an API Proxy by limiting the number of IP Addresses who can access it.If an organization wants to develop an API which is to be accessed from only a set of IP addresses,and wants to block the access for all other clients,this policy would provide exactly that configuration and thus controls the access for a particular API Proxy.

ProTip: Policy can only be used once per API configuration.

Policy Statement

Each policy requires certain configuration, which will allow to configure the policy for a particular API endpoint. Below are the list of configurations required for this policy.

I P Restrict Policy

The rules and setup needs to be made accordingly.

Name Description Is Mandatory Default Value
IP Restriction Policy Types This policy provides two options
Lists of Allowed : Whether the given IP Address Range will be allowed
Lists Of Restricted : Whether the given IP Address Range will be restricted
Yes Not Applicable
From Range This will provide the lower bound of the IP Address Range Yes Not Applicable
To Range This will provide the upper bound of the IP Address Rane Yes Not Applicable

Policy Usage

The policy can be applied only at inbound section.


Currently the policy can be applied at API Version Scope only.