Common Use Cases for API management



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APIs are tje central to any application development process. As data forms an important part of any business it is the API which exposes the internal data to the external world. Be it mobile, enterprise or IOT applications, APIs are the most important part of the business. APIs plays a key role on Digital transformation - making it possible to use valuable backend functionality.

In this article, we will look how APIs can help in developing solutions for your business.

Use Case Description
Proxy to existing API In this article we will look how you can leverage your own API system to take over the existing APIs available for an Application, such that your application consumes data uniformly.
Proxy to a data source In this article we will look how we can use protocol based generic adapters to connect to on-premise data source and proxy it directly to the API management system.
API for a Webhook In this section, you will see how you can create APIs for webhooks which you can directly subscribe to an web application for custom callback.