Workflow showing salescycle with post and post task inputs


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Use Case Name

Workflow creation of sales cycle with post and post task inputs

Brief Description

This workflow enables the user to add sales order, delivery and Invoice in Ecommerce (Shopify) and update the relationship mapping in ERP ( SAP B1) by executing this workflow and do the execution and data sync between two apps. This is a Sales cycle with post and post input task where reusable data is used.


Implementers, Developers, Partners


Organization Creation & Connection Creation

Basic Flow

The user will execute the flow as given below.

Step 1 to 11 is similar to the execution flow of basic workflow customer download

  1. The user will now login/signup to Eccomerce (Shopify - App 1) and add sales order, delivery and Invoice.
  2. The user will go back to Workflow module and select the saved workflow.
  3. The user will click on RUN button to run the workflow.
  4. The workflow gets executed and the user can view all the nodes and links getting highlighted.
  5. The user will go to SAP B1 (App 2) section to fetch the synced data - Sales Order will sync in Sales Order section, Invoice and delivery in invoice the delivery section.


The user can now see that the sales order, delivery to invoice gneration in available in ERP( SAP B1)

Exception courses

The user will get resync bucket error log in the agent and in the workflow section also, if the sales order sync is failure.

Frequency of use

The user can execute the workflow as and when required. Scheduler can be used for scheduling the workflow.