Handling Dependent data



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Data dependency is a concept which requires the data which are mutually dependent on one another to be kept in sync. As dependent data is always required to be transferred during the primary data synchronization, these data is somewhat inseparable to make any meaningful data on the business application. For instance, let us suppose, a reference of one particular data is present inside another process, such that you need the data to be available in first place to complete this operation, in such case, we manage the data synchronization so that the dependent data is synched before doing the dependent data sync. While defining business process integration, you need to identify dependencies between APIs and processes correctly to create workflow such that the data between application can feely flow.

Workflows are made in such a manner, so that the data dependencies are maintained correctly inside one single workflow and data from one business process could be used to another.

Types of dependencies

Pre-Task : Dependent touchpoints that are executed before the main task. The touchpoint will be executed independently with both Get / Push being called. In case of workflow, two touchpoints are placed vertically one after another to execute them sequentially.

Post Task : Dependent touchpoints are executed after the main task is executed. The touchpoint will be executed independently with both Get and Push being called.

Post-Acknowledgement Task : Dependent touchpoints that will take the output of main task and execute the task. While defining this touchpoint you need to make sure the Source entities map with the output of the main touchpoint. Here only Push operation will be getting executed. We draw a line from the Post node to execute another touchpoint.

Post-Input Task : The post input touchpoint will be passing the same input data to the main touchpoint. Here only the Push operation will be executed. In this case the same input from Get is sent to another process for execution.

In-Process Task : Dependent touchpoints that gets executed in between Pull and Push operation It takes the filtered output of the main task fetched through Get operation, execute itself and then Push operation is performed.

Using workflow you can solve any kind of dependencies present in your data.