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An admin or an end-user can upload updated adapter to an existing app such that the adapter can be changed later or rolled back to the previous upload, following this document.

  • Sign in to the Cloud portal with valid credentials.
  • Go to App section and choose any of the Apps listed on your portal.
    Upload Adapter
  • Click on Adapters/Extensions button form will open.
  • There select either Add Adapter or Add Extension as per your requirement.
    Search Adapter
  • Fill in all the mandatory fields i.e. asterisk(*) marked fields.
    Adapter Details

For Adapter upload, you need to put few mandatory fields :

Field Name Description Is Mandatory?
File Name Name of the adapter file which you are uploading. This is basically the name of the project. Yes
File Title Default namespace where you have placed all interface files, e.g., IAdapter, IAppResource etc. Yes
Assembly Description Description that will be shown to the adapter list to identify the file No
Assembly Version Version of the current assembly. Assembly version is based on 4 individual numbers Yes
Upload Adapter The zipped content file of the adapter. Please make sure before you upload, the file should be in unblocked state Yes
Protocol Specifies the protocol for which the adapter is uploaded. The protocol can be configured for an application, and you can choose any one of them Yes
Is 3rd Party Specifies whether the upload is made by someone other than InSync No

Protip To choose a protocol, select the drop-down, there you will see options. By default, REST is provided.

If you add Adapter/Extension by default it will save as Latest but this can be changed according to the requirement.
Update Latest Adapter
You can search for you Adapter/Extension from the Search panel.