Throttling policy



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Throttling policy prevents an API usage spikes on per API version basis, such that if the same API is getting somehow spammed, the policy will automatically detect it and update the response accordingly. The API rate limit can be set up by the developer for a specified time period and when the policy is triggered for a specific call, the caller will receive 429 - Throttling Maximum sending rate exceeded as response status code.

NOTE: a Policy can be applied more than once within an API but only once within an API version.

Policy Statement

Each policy requires certain configuration, which will allow to configure the policy for a particular API endpoint. Below are the list of configurations required for this policy. Ip Restrict Policy

The rules and setup needs to be made accordingly.

Name Description Is Mandatory Default Value
Sequence The order of your policies applied/you want this policy to run No Null
Span of time Represent the amount of timespan required after which the requests from that particular user will automatically throttle.The Time limit is defined in MINUTES No Empty
Maximum no. of Requests The maximum number of request, the user needs to prevent within the specified time No Empty

Policy Usage

The policy can be applied only at inbound section.


Currently the policy can be applied at API Version Scope only.