Q3 Release Version 3.2.0



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Product Release Version: 3.2.0

APPSeCONNECT being the only integration platform to support end to end business process provider, we are continuously improving our offering by adding more and more application to the platform and also giving more and more power to our partners and consumers. As per our schedule, we have developed considerable no of cool feature which our customers really wanted and also added some features that we thought would be best suited to our customers.

We have also executed a hackathon to ensure getting things done quicker. We did extensive hackathon where the entire team sat together to develop a number of new connectors which we will define shortly.

Whats new in Agent (APPSeCONNECT Sync tool)

  • We have released our new plugin to support any database to store agent data. We use OLE DB object library to implement the plugin, so most of the databases which have OLE drivers available can be used.
  • We have improved your experiences with Auto sync services, by enabling decoupled architecture to call services from agent and cloud.
  • We now provide you access to our help documents directly from agent.

Whats new in Cloud

  • We have improved user experiences by providing tweaks to the new themes and adding more functionalities to handle agent from cloud.
  • With improved reporting on our cloud portal, it is hardly as a user you might go to agent to check sync status.

Whats new for Administration

  • We have improved APPSeCONNECT admin with new theme. For ISVs we have improved the look and feel of admin, developed new interfaces and revamped the entire web application.
  • We have now opened Admin site for Partners and Resellers.
  • We improved the notification engine that our agent sends to the customers, giving more settings and options which you as an implementer can use.
  • We have fixed the Breadcrumb on each page for easier navigation.
  • We have added a feature to enable our users to add bookmark on a page, such that you working on the website can use these feature to log the recently used pages.


On integration side, we have worked a lot on improving the existing connectors, yet releasing the new connectors from scratch. Let us look quickly what are the integration points we have created so far during this release. We have added all the integration points for our SAP B1 and Magento 2.0 connector. Let us take a quick pick on what we did on that side:

  • Simple product sync.
  • Configurable product sync.
  • Grouped product sync.
  • Virtual product sync
  • Downloadable product sync
  • Bundled product sync
  • Invoice sync
  • Payment sync.
  • Delivery sync.
  • Sales order sync.

We have revamped our new extension to support our B2B offering with Magento 2.0. Some of our new offering with B2B are:

  • Customer specific product tier price.
  • Customer specific product special price.
  • Customer specific discount.
  • Order approval
  • Sales representative login as contact person and place orders.
  • Discount priority management
  • Customer specific pricelist management
  • Contact person management

We have added Service Layer integration of SAP B1 with Magento. Some of the integration points are:

  • All types of Configurational data integration
  • Customer Sync
  • Simple product sync
  • Configurable product sync.
  • Order sync
  • Shipment sync
  • Invoice sync
  • Price sync
  • Stock sync

We have also added new integrations in the release. We have executed a 35 hours hackathon to build brand new connectors. Here is what we have released so far.

  • Dynamics NAV and Magento 2.0 integration
  • SAP B1 with Shipstation integration
  • SAP B1 with Shipworks integration
  • Dynamics NAV and Woocommerce integration
  • SAP B1 and 3D Cart integration
  • Lightspeed and shopify integration

In addition to that, we have also created

  • APPSeCONNECT Extension for Zoho.

In addition to these, we have also improved our learning portal, documentations and videos. We are also continuously improving our platform to give not only to our customer but our independent software vendors a platform where they can easily integrate and customize.

As always for any support, please mail us