Q1 Release Version 3.0.0



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Product Release Version: 3.0.0
Release notes were published and last revised in April 2016.

We started the new year with a bang. Yes, we are releasing a new SDK for APPSeCONNECT. The new SDK, APPSeCONNECT SDK 3.0 is powerful, simplified yet have lot of important functionalities. The agent is re-architected and built from scratch to support the new SDK without changing much of our business logic and this change is huge. The entire team is dedicated toward producing bug – free code with the Insync’s new initiative on Bug Bash performed just before its release. We revamped each and every connector with improved performance, rich in features and creative designs. The support of parallel sync, operational improved logging, support for workflow customization etc. are some of the benefits that are inherently provided with this release and can improve the overall performance of APPSeCONNECT immensely.

Lets take a quick pick on some of the features which we introduced during the period:


  • APPSeCONNECT SDK 3.0 released. The new SDK will give more power to adapter developer while making development simpler than before. The new SDK can be found from Nuget.
  • To make adapter development easier, we have released a new SDK documentation site. The site will step by step guide the development of SDK. We covered all the APIs of our new SDK.
  • For our ISVs we now provide generalized styling component in-built with the SDK. So you as a developer can easily refer to our styles and create your User interface.
  • We added APIs which will identify validity of a request for Real-time touchpoints. The API will help adapter developer to identify validity of a request, hence ensuring better security.

Whats new in Agent (APPSeCONNECT Sync tool)

  • We support parallel sync during execution of touchpoint. So if you have 4 cores in your server, we will ensure that we would be using all the CPU 4 cores you have.
  • As per disk performance, our agent will never write unnecessary files to your disk ensuring superior performance. We have also given an option for the user to use APPSeCONNECT in diagnostics mode which will enable the files created.
  • Agent is now providing activity watcher which keeps track of all the touchpoints running on the service. It also keeps track of the performance statistics and individually identify which area is taking most of time.
  • We now give filter option to filter data for Resync bucket. You can filter resync data based on status, text or even by date range.
  • You can also export resync data directly from agent.
  • Auto sync of resync is an option which will automatically sync failed data in background such that you never lose your orders even if you are in holiday. We also give option to schedule the auto sync for resync.
  • We moved all the transactional data to secured location, such that we can support data integrity.
  • We identified that some of our customer’s sync huge data on daily basis. For those we provide batch sync operation performed on huge data in Resync and thereby reducing the huge memory usage.
  • We have implemented some smart logic to ensure identification of duplicate entries, identifying data transformation failures, track resync tries etc.


One of the major feedback we got from cloud utilization is how to ensure productivity of cloud from customers angle. With this release, we provide all the functionalities that an agent can do from your cloud account. Some of the features exposed to cloud are:

  • Sync data
  • Check data logs
  • Change settings
  • Resync data etc

  • You can identify the synchronization statistics directly from your cloud account. We have provided a graph to demarcate counts of success, failed or skipped data.
  • You are allowed to stop / start your auto – sync service from your cloud account.
  • You can also identify whether your server has an active agent running or not. You will see options to manipulate agent as and when you login to your cloud portal.
  • Our cloud portal can schedule a touchpoint without configuring anything in agent side. You even don’t need to reconfigure your agent to ensure changes made in cloud to reflect.
  • With new Agent 3.0, the cloud portal gives an edge on handling your resync operations efficiently with better notification, smooth synchronization and enhanced logging.


  • For ISVs or implementers on the platform, we now provide functionality to define customization logic in cloud. Cloud resource provides an option to define your own functionalities in our admin portal which will be downloaded to the agent. There is no need to do a release to include your custom functionalities.
  • We have modified the UI flow of admin, to ensure easier customization and decrease implementation time. With our new user interface, you are going to save lot of time, as you know time is money.
  • We have included separate graphs for each organization to make an administrator better informed on whats going on to the project.


Integrations have been changed a lot as well. We have revamped all the adapters that runs on the SDK 3.0 to use the full functionalities of the new release. The new adapters are completely redesigned and created from scratch using the enhanced APPSeCONNECT SDK. To cope with the change, we have also modified some touchpoints to enhance the usages of new SDK and enhance process structure. All connectors are updated, even our ISVs also did update their adapter to support new capabilities.


We have added new revamped extension for NAV (INS 2.0) which will ensure quick implementation, better performance. Some of the features enhanced in the extension are:

  • Less time for implementation, installation and uninstallation.
  • Easy customizability of existing process.
  • Inherent support for multiple application in the extension
  • Minimized changes to base Pages, CodeUnits, XMLPorts, Tables etc. which ensures separation of concerns.

We have also updated the B2B Magento Extension considerably to improve performance. Some of the enhancements includes:

  • Adding Approver functionality to Super User role.
  • Price deletion can now be performed in bulk.
  • We have added grids to all customized data structures.
  • Making category visible for all companies uploaded through our connector.

As this is one of the major release after One and half years, we did a full Bug bash with the whole team on all departments spending time together to clean all bugs from this release.

As always for any support, please mail us