Q3 Release Version 2.4.0



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Product Release Version: 2.4.0

This release mainly focusses on enhancing the APPSeCONNECT usage by providing more automation from base and also enhancement for an implementer to work easily on the platform. The features we introduced in this release will help you to use APPSeCONNECT more effectively yet also it tracks down all the changes and give notifications. Let’s take a quick pick on some of the cool features which we introduced during the period:

Agent / APPSeCONNECT Sync tool

  • Option to select logging device in settings:
    On our last release, we gave you database logging system which will enable you to filter / customize logs and see the details only on request. But some of our users really liked the previous feature where the logs are opened in a text file and one can browse through the entire log at a time. We accept this feedback from you and now we bring to you a feature to use both of them. There is a small check in Settings of Agent which says Log in database which will enable you to select/deselect this logging. When the checkbox is checked, it will log in database or otherwise in text file as before.

  • Seamless integration between Agent and Service:
    Our agent is composed of two processes, one is opened per – user basis which would be doing your manual sync operations and another is to do background processing which will be opened once for Local System account. Now in our last release, there when a user changes something from Agent process, it won’t update the service until you restart it. In this release, we did seamless integration of Service and Agent such that when there is change in Service, it can notify to Agent and vice versa.

  • We have also improved the touchpoint naming such that you can easily determine the process correctly.


  • Revamped User Experience : Our Web portal now enhanced with new Improved User Interface with better layout and flat responsive UI.
  • Selection of Primary agent from cloud. We now give you an option to select the production Agent from APPSeCONNECT Cloud which will enable you to enjoy better integration.
  • Searching a touchpoint is now easier with new improved user interface and improved naming of touchpoints.
  • Contextual help links associated with each touchpoint. The touchpoint configurations can also be easily found with contextual help option which will point to our knowledgebase article.
  • We are also providing enhanced Web first time experience.
  • Enhanced value mapping screen which will give you visual clue on what value mapping is required at a point of time before you activate that particular touchpoint. So by removing the error messages you are actually making the configurations for a touchpoint. It will now also auto-select the type of value mapping required for a mapping.


  • We now track the changes in mapping for implementation such that any change by an implementer can be tracked easily and also there is an option to put comments.
  • We now give option to lock an organization from making any changes. A locked project can be changed only if it is unlocked again.
  • Contextual help for every admin pages. The contextual help will enable you to work on the particular page easily using our help documents. It also eliminates the time consumed to find the document in our support portal.
  • Selecting common touchpoints as default in base. When a connection is created, the first thing that is required is to activate and publish the touchpoints which are needed by the organization. But some of the processes are generally used by every organization, so to activate them an implementer needs to do it manually for every organization. We now give option to auto-activate and publish default touchpoints when a connection is created. So as an implementer, you can use this auto publishing default touchpoints easily.
  • We have added a feature to track your To-dos. The To-do data can be groped as well to have better management of your tasks in APPSeCONNECT cloud.
  • Association of Value mapping type during required mapping selection. We generally require value mapping for a particular attribute mapping combination. But our developer cannot point whether a Value mapping is required or not. We find this issue, and now we give our developer an option to choose the Value mapping type required to activate a mapping.
  • Sorting variables in same scope. On our script, there was no option to sort variables for a node. Well, we found this as a limitation, such that one variable cannot always depend on another. We now give a new ordering option on variables such that our developers can find easy to generate the scripts and put appropriate logic in place.
  • We also now have enhanced documentation of functions such that for an implementer if they need to use extended methods, it is easy to understand the usage and know what exactly the function will do.


Even though we worked on a lot of APPSeCONNECT features, we have also worked on some major enhancements to the following on integration side.

  • We now have SSL and multi-tenant support for Dynamics NAV.
  • We did real-time touchpoint support for Shopify. So any custom requirement for realtime touchpoint on shopify we can cater.
  • We have developed a new connector connecting SAP B1 with WooCommerce.
  • We have enhanced our Zoho adapter and also enhanced the SAP B1 – Zoho CRM connectivity.

New Connectors introduced some of the new connections (during hackathon) for this release:

  • Navision ⇔ BigCommerce
  • Navision ⇔ Zoho CRM
  • Navision ⇔ Salesforce
  • Navision ⇔ SugarCRM
  • SAP B1 ⇔ OpenCart

In addition to the new connectors, we also did enhanced some of the existing connections, here is the list:

  • SAP B1 DIS ⇔ Magento
  • SAP B1 DIAPI ⇔ Magento
  • SAP B1 ⇔ Shopify
  • SAP B1 DIS ⇔ Zoho CRM
  • SAP B1 DIS ⇔ Zencart
  • Navision ⇔ Magento
  • Navision ⇔ Shopify
  • Navision ⇔ Salesforce

We have also enhanced some of our extensions. Here is the list:

  • Magento B2B Extension
  • Navision Extension
  • Zencart Extension

This was a big release for APPSeCONNECT which enhanced a lot of features.