Q1 Release Version 2.2.0



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Product Release Version: 2.2.0

During the first quarter of 2015 product cycle, we wanted to give you some interesting features. We made some major enhancements to the product which states as follows:

Agent/APPSeCONNECT Sync tool

  • Encrypted and compressed configurations. We wanted your integration configurations to be kept secret to you only. To support this, we wanted to keep the configurations encrypted on your system. In this release we worked on the encryption and compression of the configurations such that we can ensure your configurations are safe even if your system is compromised.
  • Scheduling an interval for execution. The initial release does not have an option to select the interval on which every process gets executed. In this release, we wanted to give you flexibility to configure our agent such that our agent follows the schedule you setup.
  • Support for multiple levels of dependencies in Workflow. Workflows are interesting features, but we noticed that dependencies can only be created up to two levels. In this release, we made you nth level dependency for a touchpoint, so even if your n-1th touchpoint requires an acknowledgement, you are free to add the dependency to APPSeCONNECT.
  • Auto-detection of dependency loops. Touchpoint dependency creates Workflow on which a process gets executed. It is a hierarchy of steps which every process follows to execute a successful job. Now as an implementer, you might create a loop using dependency which can crash the whole process. We wanted to remove circular references from workflows and we did in this release to remove accidental loops.
  • Support for POST operation in Realtime touchpoints. One of the major enhancement is the support of POST operation on real-time touchpoints. You can now use POST operation to post XML directly to the touchpoint and the data will be automatically pushed by our client.


  • While creating connection, we now support multiple protocols. If say, your application supports multiple protocols, you can now use APPSeCONNECT and create adapters for more than one protocols which can be used by our clients. While creating connection, the user will be provided with a list of protocols supported for connecting two apps, and user can choose either one or all depending on their own choice.

  • Introducing flat controls. Considering, the world is moving towards flat UI, with this release, we gradually transformed the UI into more flat structure.

  • Adjacent display of connection pair. In APPSeCONNECT cloud, for every connection, we show two connection in two different ways. With this release, we show both the connection pair adjacent to one another so as you can find connection pair easily.


  • Enhanced publish in cloud. Publishing a connection takes a considerable amount of time, as a result implementation time increases. In this release, we minimize the time taken to publish a touchpoint and generate the scripts by intelligently identifying changes such that unnecessary publish calls can be avoided. The intelligent publish will ensure that our servers will now do less number of publish which results in lesser queue on publish, Hence improved performance.

  • Support for error filters for entity. As in last release with resync feature, error filters are associated with touchpoints, but in general action filters can also be associated with an entity such that when the same entity is chosen for Touchpoint, it automatically gets copied to the touchpoint. We identified this feature, and hence added in this release. Now an entity can have its respective action as well as error filters and both the filters will be copied to touchpoints.
  • Support for Organization wise touchpoint. There is no way that every process we can identify beforehand, even there could be situations where you can have your own process defined. For an implementer, we can now have organization wise touchpoint which can only be activated for that particular organization itself and cannot be used by any other organization. This option will open a wide range of possibilities for implementers to work on the generic platform.
  • Improved notification on Publish. Publish notification was not that easy ever before. We use real-time notification to indicate the step of every publish which indicates clearly what our server is doing with your publish request.


  • On integration side, we put up our efforts to implement Resync feature for Nav and Prestashop adapter.
  • We have also enhanced logging for both Nav and Prestashop adapter such that users can clearly identify problems on data syncs.
  • In Magento extension, we have fixed the Tax code issue which we identified in previous releases.

During this phase, we have also developed a number of important touchpoints for our connectors