Steps to define logic over destination mapping



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Steps to define logic over destination mapping

Mapping in APPSeCONNECT is done so that a Source Application can communicate with the Destination Application. APPSeCONNECT, introduces a new mapping structure If-Else Mapping. This Document will talk about this mapping process and in different levels where we can apply the If-Else Mapping.

Pre-requisites for Mapping

  1. Login to the APPSeCONNECT Portal with valid credentials.
  2. Select the Application. Click HERE to know more about selecting of Applications.
  3. Create a Connection. Click HERE to know more.

Mapping Levels

Mapping is done at various level of Input Packet. Refer here

Mapping at Attribute Level

The user/implementer can work on If-Else Mapping in the attribute level. Given below is the Screen where the If-Else Mapping is done at the Attribute level.

The user can add condition and attributes from the drop-down option for which the If-Else mapping will work.


Note: The user can add conditions (Else-If & Else) inside an IF Node similarly as shown in the screen below, except for the FOR-EACH LOOP LEVEL.

  • The above given mapping scenario is explained below

The Condition default-address/country-code=’US’ in the IF Node describes that if the Country Code in the default address is US, the clause Country_Region_Code=HU is carried out.

The Condition default-address/country-code=’IN’ in the Else-If node describes that if the Country code in the Default Address is IN, the clause Country_Region_Code = GB is carried out.

And for the Otherwise (ELSE)Node,the given clause will be carried out.

Refer the screen given below:

The User can also add Else-If and Else(Otherwise) and its clauses in the attribute Level. The following screen shows the Condition add for If-Else.


NOTE: The Add Condition window is for the condition marked in the Yellow Box

Mapping at Loop Level

The If Mapping can be done at the For-Each Loop level. Below is the screen which shows the If Mapping at the For-Each Loop Level.


Protip In the For-Loop Level, only IF is used as this level is just for removing duplicate check and also removing junk data, for integration process

Mapping at Complex Object Level

The user/implementer can work on the If-Else Mapping in the complex object level. Below is the Screen which shows the If-Else Mapping at the complex object level.


Like other levels, the user can add Else-If and Otherwise and its conditions from the drop down.

Mapping at Complex Object Collection Level

The If-Else Mapping can be done at the ComplexObjectCollection Level. Below is the screens which shows the Mapping at that level.