Function Code Validation



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This section of the document will allow you to gain knowledge on the code editor and the validation process the defined function.

Code Editor:

This is the space that will allow you to write the function code as per your need. Following the steps you can work with the function Code Editor successfully.

1) You can navigate to the Code Editor as per following mentioned User Journeys:

2) Either way you will get the Code Editor Screen of your Function.


3) By default you will be provided with default code along with a String Parameter, everytime you create a new function.

4) You can use multiple code fundamentals and snippets as per the need.

Language Fundamentals

5) You can implement the following Code Fundamentals as listed below:

  • If statement
  • Else If
  • Switch
  • While
  • For
  • Foreach
  • Do while
  • Using
  • Try Catch
  • Try Finally


6) You need to implement these fundamentals by dragging it to the required location within your Code.


Code Snippets

7) You can also implement multiple Code Snippets based on your requirement as listed below:

  • IterateNodes
  • GetRequest
  • PostRequest

8) You need to drag individual snippets to the required location within your code.

9) Once you have successfully implemented your Function Code, you can click on VALIDATE and SAVE button

Validation Status

You can have two instances for the validation process: Success or Failed. For more details on each of the Instances, visit Validation Status: Successful & Validation Status: Failed

Following the above procedures, you can successfully implement the Code Fundamentals and Snippets within your Function Code Structure.